User manual for the AFG coming soon


The current objective is a one page “quick start”.

If the user (you) would prefer something more “in depth”, please submit your desires in the comments.

A separate post will serve as a working draft (or a living manual) for your review.

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2 thoughts on “AFG RTFM

  1. John Schussler says:

    My questions for a manual are mostly around some of the more unusual knobs and jacks on the AFG that don’t show up elsewhere. E.g. PPM + and -, the existence of a second 1v/oct jack, matter/anti-matter switch, alien saws jack, and animated pulses jack. I get the general idea of the latter just by playing with them, but it’d be nice to know more about what exactly they’re doing.

    Also some self-patching ideas/suggestions, and of course a description of how to best use the Flux Capacitor with two AFGs.

    • mr monorocket says:

      Good questions

      The dual 1vOct CV enables tranposing
      Example: a repeating pattern from a sequencer connects to one of the 1vOct jacks, the sequence can be transposed via controller connected to the other 1vOct jack.

      The MATTER/ANTI MATTER mode switch selects “standard” (MATTER) vs folded (ANTI MATTER) waves via the individual waveform outputs.
      ANTI MATTER waveform shapes can be controlled via the FLUX CAPACITOR expansion module. All AFGs ship with a factory default setting for ANTI MATTER with jumpers on the FLUX CAPACITOR header on the rear of the AFG.

      Here’s a video demonstrating what’s happening in the Harmonic Animation section using CV to control the PPM (pulse position) and PWM (pulse width) CV inputs on both halves of the output (+ and -). Harmonic animation takes the core, doubles the harmonics in the waveform and outputs via ANIMATED PULSE / ALIEN SAWS jacks

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