vulcan modulator2 is go

It’s still a bit too early to drop a shipping date, but not too early to confirm that the Vulcan2 has gone into production.

It’s got all the functionality of the original + updated LFO’s w/ resets + all the features of the Vulcan Logic* all in one package.

It’s also XMOD compatible (XMOD will add additional CV controls)

SALE 11/27-11/30

Dual Cyclotron Black Panel $200 (reg $300)

Chaos Computer (blem) $400 (reg $575)

AFG (blem) $335 (reg $375)

Dalek Modulator $225 (reg $250)

Frequensteiner (blem) $180 (reg $200)

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DUAL CYCLOTRON 7 Black Panel Blowout

$200 ea + shipping


to place your order – leave a comment below* and I will contact you to complete the transaction

This is a production version of the Dual Cyclotron7 with PCB front Panel.
Complex LFO/ModulatorMain LFO is modulated by the summed output of the 2 Upper Cyclotrons before additional waveshaping is applied enroute to the MAIN OUT
Each Cyclotron has selectable waveforms with SYMMETRY controlEach Cyclotron has 3 speed ranges (ultra slow through audio rate)
A 4th modulation source can be added via the EXTERNAL IN
AUXILIARY OUT is the raw summed output of the summed CYCLOTRONS prior to the INTENSITY control

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module status 20201116

All of the numbered launch units of the Voltage Mechanic have shipped to customers and dealers. Many thanks to everyone who supported the development and launch of Livewire’s newest module via the prototype promotion and reservation period.

Next module on deck will be the Dual Bissell Generator2. DBG is currently under PCB evaluation and still on schedule to be released in mid December 2020.

Vulcan Modulator2 is in PCB layout with the goal of ordering prototypes on Nov 27. Product is on track for finish units to begin shipping mid Jan 2021.

Current availability is as follows:

Dual Cyclotron – AVAILABLE

Frequensteiner3 – AVAILABLE

Dalek Modulator – AVAILABLE

Vulcan Modulator – Jan 2021 (updated)

Dual Bissell Generator – DEC 2020 (updated)


Chaos Computer – AVAILABLE

Voltage Mechanic – AVAILABLE

module status

Voltage Mechanic production PCBs just landed and will be delivered sometime today. Frequensteiner4 and Dual Bissel2 prototype PCBs arrive tomorrow.

busy weekend imminent

Voltage Mechanic “soon”

Production PCBs and front panels ordered – shipping begins after evaluation: “soon” (mid- late NOV)

Thank you for the feedback on the initial panel design, the updates were based on your feedback.

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