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In the summer of 2020 the Livewire Synthesizer and Monorocket sites were merged (either domain will point you here).

Livewire Synthesizers was founded by Mike Brown Apr 2005. The line launched with two modules: Dual Cyclotron (LFO/Complex Modulation Source) and Frequesteiner (VCF based on the Steiner Parker Synthesystem multi mode filter). The line continued to expand in the following year with Dalek Modulator (ring mod with internal carrier/modulator sources), Vulcan Modulator (dual LFO modulation source) and Dual Bissell Generator. In 2008 Livewire released it’s flagship module: Audio Frequency Generator (VCO). After sourcing production to Monorocket that same year, Mike focused on designing future releases (Chaos Computer/Voltage Mechanic)

Mike Brown passed away in Mar 2012 from complications related to his cancer treatment.

Monorocket was founded in 2006 during a bid to build licensed modules for another (undisclosed) manufacturer. The bid failed, I kept the name and two years later (2008), Monorocket became the licensed manufacturer of Livewire Synthesizers.

In June of 2009 monorocket began producing powered cases. For the next nine years the line expanded to four model families and became the OEM for other companies (Makenoise, Pittsburgh Modular, Studio Electronics, Malekko Heavy Industry, Low Gain Electronics ).

Case production ended in July 2018 and while Monorocket continued producing limited runs of Livewire modules.

Livewire resumed full production of the entire line in 2020. AFG, Chaos Computer, Voltage Mechanic, Dual Cyclotron Frequensteiner and Dalek Modulator are currently available. Vulcan Modulator and Dual Bissell have been updated (due Mar 2021) and new releases including XMOD and Flux Capacitor are scheduled for release later this year

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