modules: x mod

AFG Expansion – Cross Modulation Controller

4 channels of Voltage controlled cross modulation between 2 AFG’s (connector on rear of module)

6 selectable modulation sources per channel

6 selectable modulation destinations per channel

Modulation depth can be adjusted manually via LEVEL control or via CV input (LEVEL becomes attenuator with CV present)

Bi Directional routing allows OSC B (destination oscillator) to “return the favor” by simultaneously cross modulating OSC A (source oscillator also becomes destination)

microprocessor controlled switching enables “saved states” (read: presets)

previously saved banks of presets can be cycled via CV into BANK A/B inputs

(module is still under development – features subject to change)

XMOD Compatible Modules:

Harvestman Hertz Donut (V1 only)
Livewire AFG v1
Livewire AFG v2
Vulcan Modulator2