b stock sale: Dalek Modulator B806

Dalek Modulator ser B806

Balanced Ring Modulator/Multiplier

Process external signals or use onboard linear VCO’s

2 Waveforms per VCO (SQ and SIN)

OBEY/DESTROY and AC/DC shape modulator output

CV inputs control VCO pitch

CV controls adjust (pre ring) cross modulation when no CV input is present

$200 + shipping

($15 flat rate USA/Exact postage for Non US)

contact me for future availability of all cases and livewire synthesizer modules: r@monorocket.com

M6E Portable Eurorack back in production

over the next couple of days I’ll be announcing availability of my Eurorack case line….

Todays featured model: the M6E

(color shown “ruby red” *)

2 rows
120 HP
+12v 5000ma
-12v 5000ma
+5v 1000ma (each distro draws from +12v rail)

$800 + shipping

Big City Music (Los Angeles):

Control Voltage (Portland):


*more colors available – contact for details