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Chaos Computer

Random Voltage Source8 simultaneous Outputs
2 Axis of value generation via 8 probability choices per axis
2 random voltage range types (Gaussian or Uniform) per axis
2 voltage ranges (Wide or Close) per random voltage type
Additional voltage range adjustment jumpers (0v to +5v or -5 to +5v) on the rear of module
1 gate signal (clock rate) per axis
1 random binary output per axis
Each Axis will accept external clock source
Sync/Async mode selects clock source for Y axis (slave to X or free running)
64 LED display provides feedback on shift register states

$500 + shipping
($15 flat rate USA/Exact postage for Non US)

Dalek Modulator

Balanced Ring Modulator/Multiplier
Process external signals or use onboard linear VCO’s
2 Waveforms per VCO (SQ and SIN)
OBEY/DESTROY and AC/DC shape modulator output
CV inputs control VCO pitch
CV controls adjust (pre ring) cross modulation when no CV input is present

$200 + shipping
($15 flat rate USA/Exact postage for Non US)

Dual Bissell Generator

2 Channel Slew/Limiter

Independent Rise and Fall Control of Incoming Signal
Variable Linear to Exponential Slope Adujstment

Use for glide/portamento, AR or waveform processing

Manufacturer refurbished:
New pots
New jacks
New front panel

$150 + shipping
($15 flat rate USA/Exact postage for Non US)