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I started monorocket in 2006 (well – I registered the domain) as part of a bid to build licensed modules for <manufacturer wishes to remain unamed/unassociated> as part of a “consortium” of manufacturers that also included Livewire Synthesizers. Two years later (2008) monorocket became the licensed manufacturer of Livewire Synthesizers.

In June of 2009 monorocket began producing powered cases. For the next nine years the line expanded to four model families and became the OEM for other companies (Makenoise, Pittsburgh Modular, Studio Electronics, Malekko Heavy Industry, Low Gain Electronics). I closed case production in July 2018 in response to insuffcient demand.

I’m still producing Livewire Synthesizer eurorack modules on a limited basis and will likely continue as long as there is sufficient demand to justify the time.

Traditionally a section like this is would be closed with “call to action” but, meh..

“if you keep buying ’em, I’ll keep building them”

  • steve R